The Ottoman way

In our lush haven, ancient traditions are preserved and celebrated in a contemporary Qatari setting.

Our food is a respectful take on traditional Ottoman cuisine: exquisitely spiced meats, and seasonal vegetables, in recipes first conceived in the kitchens of the Imperial Palace in the 16th Century, expertly prepared by our team of experienced chefs.

Sukar Pasha’s interiors draw on traditional Turkish influences. Beneath hand-painted ceilings, mosaics and chandeliers, there are sleek sofas, woven textiles, patterned tiles and elaborate fittings; traditional miniature pictures tell the tales of great leaders. It’s an Ottoman feast for the eyes.

In slick, airy contrast, our terrace boasts panoramic sea views of Westbay and the skyscrapers of Doha, with table service attentive enough to satisfy a Sultan. We pride ourselves on an easy, intimate atmosphere, where no wish is too great; our highly trained waiting staff are always on hand, eager to please.

Browse our gallery to discover Sukar Pasha. Immerse yourself in a visual opulence, designed as a hommage to the Ottoman era and its flamboyant lifestyle.

The Ottoman empire

The Ottoman Empire lasted for over 600 years, ruling parts of Europe, Asia and Africa and leaving its cultural fingerprints on civilisations the world over.

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At the height of its powers in the 16th and 17th Centuries, the Empire commanded the major trade routes between Europe and Asia with powerful land and naval forces. Much of its success can be attributed to the strength and single-mindedness of its sultans who ruled as the absolute head of the Ottoman dynasty.