Excerpts from our menu

Our chefs have developed a menu, which is fresh, colourful and full of flavour. Choose to make your way through the courses or to share a selection of mezze with warm flatbreads.


Yogurt, cucumber, mint-oil, garlic

Homogenously mixed chickpea and tahina

Kavurmalı Humus
Served with sizzled lamb dices

Kekikli zeytin
Green olives, fresh oregano, walnut, parsley, tomato, olive oil, pomegranate molasses

Lightly fried cubes of eggplant, potato and bell pepper combined with rich tomato sauce

Közlenmiş Patlıcan
Charcoal grilled eggplant with bell pepper and lemon juice

Char-grilled red bell pepper, walnut, garlic, labne

Vişneli Pazı Sarma
Fresh chard leaves stuffed with fragrant rice and sour cherry

Meze Sinisi
Tulum cheese, chard leaves, hummus, Saksuka, cerkezziye, Gavur Dağı Salatası kekikli zeytin


Roka salatası
Fresh rocket leaves, cherry tomato, turnip, red onion, pickled beetroot served with pomegranate dressing

Yörük salatası
Tomato, cucumber, radish, mint leaves, white cheese, green onion, black olives, romaine lettuce,
sumac served with lemon & olive oil dressing

Gavur Dağı Salatası
Tomato, parsley, walnut, onion, sumac served with pomegranate molasses

Göbek salatası
Ice berg lettuce, pickled red cabbage, tomato, grated carrot, crumble of “tulum” cheese
and walnut served with citrus dressing

Bostan salatasi

Tomato, cucumber, fresh mint, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, pomegranate sauce, olive oil, sumac


Hıntıyye Aşı - 15th Century
“Legend says that barley soup is the first nourishment that Prophet Adam assuages
his hunger with “Barley, chickpea, yogurt and lamb

Mercimek Çorbası
Prepared Turkish way and served with crispy bread cubes and red pepper oil

Günün Çorbası / Soup of the day
(Please ask the waiter)


Şehriyeli Pilav
Turkish way pilaf with vermicelli

Dane-i Tahıl
Fragrant spiced basmati rice prepared with green lentil and barley


Thinly spread dough layers, baked in stone made oven with choice of your toppings:
With pastırma, With soudjouk,
With minced meat, with spinach, with cheese,
Mix Pide

Sucuk Güveç
Turkish soudjouk cooked in clay pot with mushroom and red pepper sauce,
served with melted kashar cheese on top

Etli Söğürme
Pan sizzled tender pieces of lamb served on a bed of charcoal grilled eggplant pure

Tatar Böreği
Minced meat stuffed fried dumplings served with garlic yogurt and tomato sauce

Kuzu Ciğeri tava
Fried lamb liver

İçli Köfte
Fried bulgur patties filled with walnut and minced meat

Şeyhü’l mûhşî - 1764
“The meaning of word is - Regal Dolma”
Dried young eggplant filled with rice,minced meat, fresh mint and served with yogurt

Fired Potato


Kuzu cevirme
Whole Lamb spit on charcoal
Served with Turkish pilaf or “Machbous” pilaf

Sukar Pasha Karışık Izgara
Char grilled chicken chunks, beef chunks, Adana kebab, lamb chop, Chicken chop, grilled mushroom

Kuzu Şiş
Char-grilled chunks of lamb

Dana Şiş
Char-grilled chunks of beef tenderloin

Kuzu pirzola
Char-grilled lamb chops

Tavuk Şiş
Char-grilled chunks of chicken breast

Hünkar Beğendi
Braised veal chunks served on a bed of charcoal cooked eggplant pure

Adana Kebap
City of “Adana” way char-grilled lamb kofta

Tavuk Yidegör
Charcoal cooked chicken kofta, served with mini bulgur balls topped with yogurt and tomato sauce

Otlu Nohut
Tender chickpeas with fresh herbs and fragrant spices


Homemade dough with Nabulsi cheese served with prmium quality Turkish pistachio

İrmik Hulviyyât
Roasted pine nut and semolina, cooked in cinnamon sherbet.
Served with mastic ice cream.

Sakızlı fırın sütlaç
Mastic flavored milk pudding baked in a clay pot

Caramelized rice cream

Hurmalı kek
Baked date sponge served with caramel sauce and cheese cream

Citir Tulumba
Fried crunchy pastry
Served with light sahlap sauce and cinnamon sugar

Turkish coffee infused hot cake

Peynirli Helva 
Sweet cheese halwa is a combination of melted cow’s cheese with semolina served with a creamy cutard

Meyve Tabağı / Fruit plate

Maraş dondurma çeşitleri / Maraş style ice cream
Rose / Gül
Pistachio / Fıstık
Lemon and mint / Nane limon
Mastic / Sakız
Curd / Kaymak
Mix berry ice cream

Get our complete menu as a convenient PDF file. Just make sure to come by on a regular basis, since the menu gets updated frequently.

Our delicious "Hürrem Sultan" menu

Take an elaborate Ottoman voyage via tasty dips, toothsome soups, spiced kebabs and sticky Turkish delights.


Her Imperial Majesty the Empress consort Hürrem Sultan of the Ottoman Empire or Karima, known to Europeans informally as simply Roxelana (c. 1510 - April 18, 1558) was a legal wife of Süleyman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire. Aside from her political concerns, in Jerusalem she established in 1552 the Hasseki Sultan Imaret, a public soup kitchen to feed the poor and the needy.

Meze tabağı /Assorted Meze
Çerkezziye, z.yağlı pazı sarma, kozlenmis patlican salatasi, humus, Acuka
Hıntiyye Aşı / Hıntiyye Soup

Sıcak meze tabağı /Assorted hot meze
Kuzu ciğeri tava, Su Börek, Mücmer

Main Dish
With Tavuk Yidegör
With Dana Hünkar beğendi
With Sukar Pasha Karışık Izgara

Turkish Delights
Kazandibi, irmik hulviyyat, kaymak ice cream, Date cake

Thirst-quenching drinks

Sip Carkifelek as you look out to the twinkling ocean. Our non-alcoholic cocktails instantly evoke exotic Anatolia.


The tulip of Era
Fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, sprite, fresh blackberries and mint leaves

Halic Mojito
Fresh Lime, Lime Juice, Mint Leaves, Peppermint Syrup, Sprite

Passion Fruit, Passion Fruit Juice, Cranberry Juice, Ginger ale

Lemonade, Raspberries, Honey, Sugar Syrup, Ginger Ale

Ata Kule
Almond, Milk, Caramel Syrup, Espresso, Chocolate Sauce

Limoni Derya
Lemon juice, ginger, pineapple juice, sprite

Homemade lemon with mint

Finest "Turkish delights"

With just the best ingredients from Antep or Urfa and the original pistachios from Turkey our team creates unforgettable Baklavas that bring you back to the table of the Sultans.

The Ottoman cuisine

Developed and refined in the kitchens of Istanbul’s Imperial Palace at the height of the Ottoman Empire’s power, food really did need to be fit for a Sultan.


Chefs from across the Empire would arrive in the city armed with new dishes, which they would have to present to the Chesnidjibashi (imperial food taster), before they were allowed near the Sultan’s plate.

Today, traces of this finely tuned cooking can be found in the food of the Balkans and the Middle East, but its nearest culinary ancestor is Turkey. Key ingredients are spices such as cumin and paprika; vegetables such as eggplant and green peppers; succulent meat kebabs, cooling yogurt, lentils and bulgur wheat.

The Sukar Pasha menu reflects the very best of what those ambitious 16th century chefs had to offer.