Your Event at Sukar Pasha

Sukar Pasha is one of the most spectacular dining destinations ever to hit Qatar – there’s no finer venue for your event.

Invite your guests to bask in the opulence of our glorious Ottoman interiors, or to breathe in the vistas from our sea-facing terrace.

Our skilled chefs can customise menus according to your tastes and desires. There are dining options to suit everyone, whether you seek a sociable shisha, a medley of alluring mezze, or a dramatic full-scale feast.

Sukar Pasha will rise to all occasions:
•    Official dinners
•    Birthday and anniversary parties
•    Press launches
•    Corporate events
•    Canapé receptions

For secluded client meetings and presentations, we have three private rooms, accommodating up to 10 guests.

Our events department would be delighted
to discuss your requirements in detail.

Sukar Pasha Ottoman Lounge
Tel:+974 4408 2000
Fax: +974 4408 2002